Equilibrium Products

Equilibrium Products
Equilibrium Products was founded from one problem solving product in 2001, the Net Relief® Muzzle Net. The company has since evolved, designing innovative products with the wellbeing of the horse foremost in mind across seven ranges including leg protection, sun and fly protection and an award winning massage and magnetic therapy range. Our focus as horse owners has been to deliver and develop hard working products that really make a difference. Horse Therapy Products The Net Relief® Muzzle Net is one of the most effective products in controlling the symptoms of head shaking. The results of ‘Net Relief’ in Clinical Trials at De Montfort University in the UK were outstanding, with 79% of horses experiencing an improvement in symptoms. This is one of the products that we are most proud of because it has literally saved horses’ lives. Stretch & Flex® wraps and bandages are used by many leading dressage riders to provide flexible, breathable support for their horse’s legs. Stretch & Flex® wraps are made from Stomatex® a special type of neoprene which actively pumps moisture away from the skin through tiny pores in the fabric. Leading the way in innovation, the Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad was designed to provide effective, easy to use, affordable massage therapy for all horses and ponies and has become one of the most highly praised products. In 2014 we launched the munch™ snacks range – a new concept in equine nutrition offering a convenient compressed forage block with natural healthy additives carefully selected to give your horse extra support when needed. By launching into nutrition we now provide products that deliver wellbeing to the horse, inside and out. 2015 saw the launch of simplyirresistible -a healthy and delicious blend of natural vegetables or fruits rich in antioxidants with added probiotics, designed to liven up mealtimes and support a healthy gut. In 2016 we added simply boost vitamin supplements and simply supplements – healthy feed additives for use as and when required. We plan to continue to develop horse therapy products that make a real difference to the quality of horses lives.
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