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“It’s so good for getting rid of toxins, dust, bacteria, and the different weeds that can be in hay but you don’t always see. It has so many benefits for horses with allergies" Margie Engle, Team USA Three Pan American Games medals, One World Equestrian Games medal, 10x American Grand Prix Association Rider of the Year

Benefits of Haygain Steamed Hay

The only scientifically proven way to purify hay and reduce the health threat from respirable dust, mold spores and pathogens.

Haygain HG 2000
  • Respiratory Health

    High temperature steaming in a Haygain reduces airborne respirable dust in hay and haylage by up to 99%. This helps to avoid damaging exposure to respirable dust and acts as a good long term preventative approach to inflammation.


  • Digestive Health

    Steamed hay significantly reduces bacteria, fungi and mold in hay and haylage which can help to prevent digestive health issues as well as treat mild to severe problems such as colic and gastric ulcers. 


  • Hydration

    Steaming hay with Haygain not only purifies the forage but it also increases the water content and this can increase a horse’s water intake by almost 3 times, keeping your horse hydrated throughout the seasons. 


  • Palatability

    Get a waft of steamed hay and you'll want to eat it yourself! Four independent palatability studies demonstrated that steamed hay was more palatable and was the preferred choice over dry hay and haylage.


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