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Silver Crown

Silver Crown
Combining quality English leather with innovative new designs, Silver Crown offers a bridle and accessory range, including lead ropes and chains, with a hand-made finish and a touch of modernity.

Silver Crown provides the opportunity to create a unique bridle by mixing and matching headpieces, nosebands and reins to find your perfect combination.

All Silver Crown bridlework is made from J. E. Sedgewick English leather, with stainless steel fittings for strength and durability.

All designs are highly adjustable to ensure a precise fit. They are also padded at any point that could potentially cause discomfort, this ensuring comfort for the horse.

The Silver Crown range is available in Black, Australian Nut or Conker with white contrast stitching.

To create a complete bridle, please select the style of headpiece (which includes browband and cheekpieces) you require, followed by the noseband and reins.
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