Tipperary helmets and vests are the leading products for lightweight and superior impact resistance. Tipperary is dedicated to providing personal protective equipment designed for all levels and disciplines in the equestrian worlds. Each product is made with maximum mobility, attention to comfort and functional fit. Tipperary Equestrian, a Phoenix Performance Products brand, is the largest manufacturer of equestrian protective vests in the world, and have developed a helmet that offers incredible comfort and protection for all riders. Tipperary helmets are constructed to be lightweight and exceptionally comfortable, and feature vents for high temperature relief. Tipperary protective vests feature an anatomical fit for high mobility, with foam construction for impact protection and circulation for cooling the body in extreme temperatures. Tipperary vests and helmets come in adults and kids sizes, and are suitable for any equestrian sport including eventing, endurance riding or competitive trail riding. All Tipperary products come with the HorseLoverZ 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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