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Rambo Micklem

Relieves pressure and discomfort on the sensitive parts of the head, reducing pain and numbness and giving all riders a kinder option.

“It’s the small details that count. The length of each section of leather, the precise angles and the quality of the component parts. Something as small as a light pinch or a little extra pressure in the wrong place could create a large amount of unnecessary discomfort to your horse. We make sure we get the details just right, and we stand behind our Rambo® Micklem® bridle 100%. This means we guarantee each bridle will be right, and we guarantee that ours is the only bridle made to my precise specifications, and more than this: that Horseware® is the only company to have continuous involvement and professional expertise from myself. There’s only one original Micklem design and one Rambo® Micklem® bridle…and it’s made by Horseware® Ireland.”

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