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We began Royal Equestrian in 2017. There are so many products for horses on the market. When you are expecting, you really need someone who knows your needs, who can feel what you are feeling, and who can help you decide what is best for you and your baby. You need your personal consultant.

In Royal Equestrian - we are horse owners, professional riders, consultants, passionate and a real horse and fashion lovers.


Royal Equestrian Sports Magazine - Learn about horse style, horse fashion, competitions, and much more. Check out our selection of the coolest horse gear for everyone.


Why shop with us?

Because we are not a regular another one merchandise store for equine. We share our passion for horses through all kinds of passion
and professional discipline. you will find in our team, writers, professional riders, painters, fashionista, marketing managers, and all other kinds of people who share one passion- passion for horses. In our team all of us are riders, so when you will buy from us you can be 100% sure that all products were tested by real horse people. This is why we are different and this is why you will have the best experience on the market buying from us.


Please don't forget that we believe that we are on that planet for a reason and there is never a better way to makes yourself good as for help those ones who are defenseless and needy, this is why soon from each purchase you will make in Royal Equestrian Store 1% will go towards Royal For Charity Foundation.   


Soon You can purchase Royal Equestrian custom pins for $5 or plush Royal Equestrian horses for $15 to help support the foundation and all profits will go toward helping those in need.



Thank you for stopping by and wish you all things wonderful, as you explore for You and your horse. 

We offer the very best selection of the world’s finest luxury horse products. We will bring you everything from helmets, breeches, spurs to boots. Whether it is the latest horse pads, or stirrups from England, France or Italy, or the most fashionable breeches and jackets, you will find them at Royal Equestrian.

In ROYAL EQUESTRIAN, you will fill like a Dutch and Duchess and please don't forget to check out our Custom Product section, where you can customize boots, pads, blankets to match your style and your horse. 

In ROYAL EQUESTRIAN you will find 



Horse boots:






We offer the very best selection of the world’s finest luxury equine designer clothing from all round the globe.

Royal Equestrian 

is your one-stop shop for everything you need. From the littlest brush you can fit in your pocket, to the best modern saddle. We also offer a large selection of eco-friendly options to make everyone's future a little bit brighter. 


Shipping & Delivery

All of our orders are shipped via UPS,USPS, FedEx ,DHL. Orders are usually shipped within 2-4 business days of order receipt. For custom packaging/gift packaging/specialty orders it takes additionally 2-3 business days. Ground service can take an additional 5-7 business days to arrive at the destination. Once your order is shipped you will receive an email, with your respective tracking information.



2054 Vista Parkway, #400

West Palm Beach

FL 33411


To all of you, from all of us at Royal Equestrian - Thank you and Happy shopping!

Royal Equestrian Team.


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COVID-19 Information from Royal Equestrian Collection

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