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Premier Equine

Premier Equine
Premier Equine is a global leader in horse leg protection and injury prevention, renowned manufacturers of the world's No.1 Racing and Air-Cooled Eventing Boots. Recognised globally for providing premium quality specialist equine products for sale, the brand is at the forefront of innovative rug technology; robust turnout rugs and unrivaled magnet therapy technology. A brand inspired by riders, horses and professionals involved in equestrian sport.

Premier Equine England encompasses the company’s modern direction and presents an affordable range of men's and women's equestrian clothing and footwear. A diverse collection that displays a subtle balance of equestrian classics and contemporary performance wear. Discipline specific competition apparel, refined yard attire or sophisticated leisurewear – you can get the look.

Premier Equine is a leading global brand manufacturing horse turnout rugs and equine accessories. Premier Equine’s advanced rug technology leads the way in product innovation. A wide range of horse and pony products are available, from the best selling Titan Trio year-round turnout rug to summer fly rugs, stable rugs, saddle pads or head collars with matching sets. The brand provides durable high quality products, modern day essentials as well as striking classic looks suitable for any horse’s wardrobe.
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