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Meet our Team

Hello! You are probably wondering

Who are we?

ROYAL EQUESTRIAN is a part of ROYAL ENTERPRISES GROUP, where only people with passion works, who are not boring and who love a challenge. 


In Royal Equestrian - we are horse owners, professional riders, consultants, passionate and a real horse and fashion lovers.

Royal Equestrian Sports Magazine -

Learn about horse style, horse fashion, competitions, and much more. Check out our selection of the coolest horse gear for everyone.

We are not your everyday people, which means our store is a bit different as well.


Why are we different? 

Because we want to catch your attention and avoid boring you to death about horse products as most other store owners do.

We cannot prove that when you have 2-3 horses you already know everything about horsemanship because in truth you don't, no one does. It is impossible to know everything, first because the equine market is really unique, different than anything else. Every few months you have new models of tack, pads, stirrups, breeches, even saddles are changing, and all manufacturers are trying to convince you they are the best. It might be true that they function similarly, but then comes to different design, some of them are more modern while some are very fashion, and some are very conservative.

Horse sport is sweat, tears and a lot of work and discipline and wants you to look outstanding when you are on the ring or you are simply training at home. Equine is very classy and very royal at least it should be, we want to show you how loose happy and look very good on your horse, no matter if you are an amateur or professional rider. 

If you are looking for another store with reps that will be telling you how they already know everything, dressed in boring corporate outfits while being super serious all the time, this might not be the store for you.

We will look at you, talk with you and help you in a real and honest way, why? Because our job is our passion, because we love to equine, and because we will do everything we can to make sure you leave our store happy. If you want to play with colors, if you want advice from above the line customer support, give it a try and check us out!

Schedule appointment for the free consultation, or simply visit our magazine for advice.

Send us emails, write to us, tell us what you like, tell us about your passions, tell us about your dreams, even the ones that never happened, we will do our best to make them come true.

We truly believe that when you are happy inside, you are glowing outside, and this is a reason to be a with us!

We know that some people will say that horses have nothing to do with fashion,. Nothing more wrong, horses, royal and fashion was always together from a hundred years.

please read about Royalty, Fashion and Horses 

Don't forget about our Youtube ROYALTY FASHION AND HORSES channel where we are making reviews about everything which is connected with horses.



Seat with us like a Dutches and talk about horses, strong women, fashion and anything which is interesting and not boring.

"There is nothing more excited like a new beginning "

Why shop with us?

Because we are not a regular another one merchandise store for equine. We share our passion for horses through all kinds of passion
and professional discipline. you will find in our team, writers, professional riders, painters, fashionista, marketing managers, and all other kinds of people who share one passion- passion for horses. In our team all of us are riders, so when you will buy from us you can be 100% sure that all products were tested by real horse people. This is why we are different and this is why you will have the best experience on the market buying from us.

Please don't forget that we believe that we are on that planet for a reason and there is never a better way to makes yourself good as for help those ones who are defenseless and needy, this is why soon from each purchase you will make in Royal Equestrian Store 1% will go towards Royal For Charity Foundation. 

Soon You can purchase Royal Equestrian custom pins for $5 or plush Royal Equestrian horses for $15 to help support the foundation and all profits will go toward helping those in need.






Royal Equestrian Founder, fashionista, and horse lover.

Claudia at her young age was a joke, then she was a hunter jumper and now she ends up as a dressage rider.

She is an animal lover, horse lover, dog lover, and fortunately anything with 4-legs lover.

Claudia's passion is a fashion, she always lives for fashion and beauty.

Fashion is an art and horses are a majestic beauty, there is no better relationship than these two.

More about Claudia you can read here


Monica Arley Skowronska

Dressage Trainer, Coach, Competitor, Clinician.

Horses and all kinds of an animal lover, 

No one knows more about horses' needs, equipment, the value of good breeches, and style than her.

She teaches horses and riders to reach their full potential.

Every year since 1979, her riders have competed and won FEI year-end awards at all levels. She and her students have earned more than thirty HCTA championships from Training to Grand Prix. She has trained all different horses to Grand Prix and  FEI levels. 

Eric Johanson and Vivien Kozinski

Horse and Dog Lover, and real sweat hearts. Eric and Vivien have a huge patient to us humans because humans are not easy to train.

If you want to make an order and want to spend 4 h to discuss it they will listen to you :)




Dylan is our "mascot " He represents young riders. If you have a kid who wants to ride there is no better place to come and talk.

In his young age, he is 11 he already representing Oaks Christian school in IEL.

Dylan was very lucky to start his dressage carrier with training by Jan Ebeling - USA Olympian.


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